Thursday, 21 November 2013

New iPhone Settings : Things that should be default for privacy

If you want to maximize privacy settings on your iPhone, here are some things to do.

Ad Profiling

Privacy > Advertising

You will see "Limit Ad Tracking". Advertisers want to personalize ads for you, but setting this on (green in iOS 7) will maximize privacy.

Location Profiling

Privacy > Location Services > System Services

These three settings should be turned off:

Frequent Locations
Location-Based iAds
Diagnostics & Usage

Safari Tracking

Settings > Safari

Turn on the 'Do Not Track' setting (set it green in iOS 7).

For more information, please see this ZDNet blog post:

Some additional preferred iOS settings

I don't access the Control Center from the lock screen, so I turn this off.

Settings > Control Center

I have noticed a big difference in batter life by turning off Background App refresh for most apps.

Settings > General > Background App Refresh

This is an obvious preference, but Apple decided to not make the battery percentage indicator a default setting.

Settings > General > Usage